Useful and free access materials. Algorithms, decision trees, recommended bibliography.

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Bare Essentials

Major statistical tests described using SPSS


Andy Field

Statistical book on the application of the main tests in statistics with SPSS - Andy field


Validating questionnaires


Easy and simple questionnaire validation

Forest Plots

Build compelling OR representations of OR

Win Pepi software installation required

Statistical hypothesis testing

Statistical hypothesis testing

Null and alternative hypothesis for main tests in statistics

Group comparison tests

Choosing, executing and interpretating statistical tests

How to choose a statistical test, where to click on SPSS and how to interpret

Macro-organizer of statistical tests

Organization of main statistical tests

Decision algorithm and application of main statistical tests

Algorithm with all statistical tests

What test should I choose? Where should I click on SPSS? How should I interpret it? How to report it?

Algorithm and application of the main statistical tests

Training Program - Basic and Intermediate Course

Basic and intermediate course


Advanced Course Program

Advanced course